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Harry/Draco Fics (PDF or Link)

Below are fics I have seen being searched or recommended. They are not in any particular order, or here for any reason other than I happen to have them.

A 【bracket】 will be put on any I have read and thought good, but that's not a guarantee for anything besides bottom!Draco. I recommend finding some reviews and the proper summary.

The PDF have all been uploaded to 4shared. They should be downloadable now :)

A Consort's Loyalty (Link) The link still works for me, but it has been reported to not work. So, below is the PDF version.

A Consort's Loyalty  (PDF)

A Touch Before Dawn  (PDF) Courtesy of slythrine. Sequel of While You Were Sleeping

For Family, Hearth, and Home  (PDF) Sequel of The Reason

Harry Potter and The Destiny of Prophecies (PDF)

Harry Potter and The Destiny of Prophecies (Link)

Harry Potter and The Sword of Gryffindor (PDF)

Harry Potter and The Sword of Gryffindor (Link)

Honor, Love, and Dignity  (PDF) Courtesy of slythrine. Sequel of A Consort's Loyalty

Knotting If Fair in Love and War (PDF)

Realm of Shadow (PDF)

Seven Years Too Late (PDF) Courtesy of slythrine.

Tears of Blood  (PDF) This is apparently a WIP that the author never finished (please notify me if that's not the case)

The Black Veela  (PDF)(   anassa_anemou has reported the previous online one is incomplete, so here is another copy (Thanks anassa_anemou, for telling me ^-^)

The Complete Works of Maya (Revised)  (PDF) Courtesy of roadtime who has an entry on this with a lot more descriptions. Do go over and say thank you, there is no way the PDF could be up without her/him.

The Reason  (PDF)

Mansion Build Upon Sand (PDF)

Unknown  (PDF) The title is Unknown, not I-don't-know-the-title. It's by SilverDragon1610.

Wandless  (PDF) Courtesy of slythrine.

While You Were Sleeping (PDF)

Big Cock, Come Quick.】(PDF) NC-17  I liked it when I was reading it. "Hawt" was my reaction (I think).

Corruption Sequence】(PDF) NC-17 Vampire!Werewolf!Dark Creatures!Harry. And lovely elegant Draco <33

Intended】(PDF) NC-17 Ooooh. This one I went back to read several times. Vampire!Harry

Underwater Light】 (PDF) R (for death and stuff but not sex) Finally finished reading it. A bit long and the chapters are dense, but very nice and very enjoyable. Has an unique and believable plot with well-build characters.

hidders has a lot of fics saved - "I'm a Harry x Draco nut! I have a private collection of HP:HD (nice, long, and multi-chaptered) fics amounting to over 2,000!" - so go over there if you have more lost fic. However, do not ask for fics you haven't read, and respect the rules she have.

If you have any fics that you would like to share, I'd be grateful to put them here, just pm me and I'll give you my email address.

Happy reading~

Untitled Narnia Fic

A/N: I actually have no idea what I just wrote. This is the first short "story" - if it can be called that - I ever written, and I did not have a plot in mind when I wrote it. It is also unbeta-ed because she's busy. I might do a edited version later. So, just...try to enjoy?
Pairing: PeterxEdmund
Rating: I would give it G to PG-13. Not very sure of the ratings.


King Edmund the Just will always be a strange sight to behold.

As a young man - barely adult - in courts full of aged diplomats, he stands out like a beacon. Not to mention the sheer paleness of his skin, a far cry from the tanned brown of all but the Archlanders (but then, only the savage Telmarines share his dark hair and eyes as well. Some would speculate the exact lineage of the Narnian king. More whisper of ice and her and winter.).

No. Neither is the most unusual feature of King Edmund. No. That would be his colours.

King Edmund the Just, Duke of Lantern Waste, Count of the Western March, Knight of the Noble Order of the Table, and of many many more titles, bears the colours of his region - the dark solemn green and brown of forested land. The scarlet and gold of Narnia paints across his chest, glorious and brilliant like the noon-high sun. And on his shoulders or around his waist, always the colour of the gleaming sky flutters, in the form of a cape or belt. A silent claim.

They stare.

It is not unusual for ambassadors to carry the colour of their kings. Yellow, green, purple and pink. Suns and swords. All placed upon diplomatic shoulders for the courts to see. “Hear me, respect me, know me” those colours cry.

Unusual - strange, unorthodox, outrageous - is when the colours say no such thing. The cape and belt. Blue the shade of iris. White the glare of sun on blade. Resting around his shoulders, hidden from viewer's gaze as it shields Edmund from desiring eyes, the blue underside of his green cloak is as soft and protective as a lover's hug. The thin white chord is no better, curled around his slim waist, possessive and jealous, obstructing any wandering hands. Soundless declarations of ownership.

At the beginning, people wonder and people talk; trails of whispers follow at his feet.

"A consort," someone said, "crowned the prince in disguise of his actual place. No wonder he is not golden or bright like his siblings."

Another shook his head. "I disagree. The Narnians are a primitive bunch - animals in court, and as advisors, can you believe! - it isn't a far stretch for him to actually be his brother's lover. Tsk, barbarians."

They would nod their heads and depart for their kings, satisfied of their curiosity and readied to tell the world how queer and unworthy the King Edmund of Narnia is to be an opponent of their kings. A brother bearing his king's colours as would a wife; a pansy, they sneered.

The Just smiled.

Unflappable and clever. He teased open the gaps of defense, twisted the conversations, and warped the heated arguments until they are no longer about 'territories' and 'boundaries' but 'colours' and 'places' and he always won. Treaties, conventions and protocols, all settled before the other diplomats could realize: no, what they are agreeing to aren't actually the articles themselves. When finally they caught on, he has moved on.


"You know, they still resent you for all that" Peter says. The High King has his arms wrapped around his brother's middle and chest pressed to his back - belt long discarded in place of the owner himself. "Eden's Snake, they call you." He chuckled.

Edmund harrumphs, and tilts his head back to look at his beloved brother. "I asked for nothing they could not give, my king, and do remember that I am just. Have they not gained something of equal value, if not more, in return?" His brown eyes gaze into adoring blues, twinkling like an imp. "Acceptance of love in any form, for example."

The High King chuckles. "More like grudging respect for you, my fair brother, for I would be offended to think the lords find Narnia uncomfortable." The golden king pauses and pulls Edmund closer, leering down at him. "And I would be greatly displeased to have them think of you as a possible lover." He tells.

"None to fear even if they do, your majesty, Narnia and you alone hold my heart." Edmund reassures him with a roll of eyes. "Though I do anticipate some grumbles about you wearing brown. They shouldn't, really, you wear gold all the time, as is befitting, and gold comes from the ground. And the girls wear different colours all the time - you don't see Lucy with aquamarine dresses everyday, do you. Of course, it is not actually the colour they will object to, but your status, and I have yet to convince them that being the High King does not give you any leeway from fairness. Nobles, a bunch of dressed-up monkeys, I say, and not the Talking ones. A pity that they won't easily fall for the distraction again..."

The High King could not resist, so did not; he bends over to presses a soft kiss on each eyelid. Blonde hair tickles the pale cheeks, and King Edmund twitches his pert nose, frowning up at him. Peter chuckles, adjusting his grip to turn Edmund around. "I would hope that after tomorrow, you will declare your body mine, even over Narnia." He presses another gentle kiss on his brother's cheek. And another on the other. And a few more.

Edmund says nothing, nor did Peter expect him to.

"Well, I must leave now, my dear, before Susan decides I am free enough to be bothered by last-minute arrangements." The High King pulls away with a brilliant smile, and presses one last kiss onto the back of King Edmund's hand. "I do look forward to tomorrow so." He whispers against the smooth skin. Tender yet fervent blue eyes smile at Edmund, before their owner steps back, gives a nod and disappears out of the door.

Edmund gazes after him at the empty doorway. "As do I, my love." He smiles softly. Ducking his head he briefly wonders if he will ever be able to fulfill Peter's wish. One day when they resign, perhaps. He turns back to the wardrobe he was inspecting before being interrupted. King Edmund the Just allows his lips to turn up in a wicked mirthful smile as he scrutinized the wardrobe contents. "And I wonder what those lords will think when they see what I'm wearing tomorrow."

Ah yes, King Edmund the Just will always be a strange sight indeed.



P.S. Does anyone want to give me a title for this? It's just named "Edmund" on my computer, for convenience sake.

Thor/Loki - Fic List

Chaos War by astolat [Rating - E]
Summary: It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn't think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.
This is a marvelous piece of work, has one of the best portrayals of Loki and Odin.

Athelas by astolat [Rating - E]
Summary: There was a sharp and bitter edge crept into the words, a reminder that not all was well: that Thor still had a brother, but not a friend.
Similarly beautiful, though I found it more adorable and fluffy than Chaos War ;)

Diner-verse by godofpancakes (Vera_DragonMuse) [Rating - M to E]
Starts with the exile of Loki when his liaison with Thor is discovered. A more tame Loki in the company of Jane, Darcy and Eric

Steve Lokison by godofpancakes (Vera_DragonMuse) [Rating - M]
More centered around Steve as Loki and Thor's son, but so very sweet and makes the heart feel warm :p

Fills from Thorkink Meme:
[WIP] Prompt: So in the original myths, Loki was Odin's 'brother' (by agreement), and not Thor's. So let's pretend this is the case in the movie, and Thor sees this pact happen as a child and grows up knowing Loki until he's an adult. (Loki pretty much stays the same throughout)
In this time, he spends day in and day out with Loki, who tolerates him with calmness and the slightest affection that no one else but Frigga gets, (not even Odin himself, but they don't need affection, just the agreement) and Thor gets this deep-set love for Loki that was cute as a kid, but now a little.... off, as an adult. Eventually, Thor acts on it.

Mini-Fill] Prompt: The Aesir live pretty much forever, but they're an extremely infertile race and even having one kid during their lifetime is considered a crowning achievement. Loki (like any Jotun) gets pregnant at the drop of a hat. His excessive fertility is viewed with both admiration and distaste.
+1 if random warriors are always hitting on him in the hopes that he'll give them an heir.

[Mini-Fill] Prompt: Thor splits his time between the Avengers and his duties in Asgard. His wife/husband, Loki is usually too busy running things in his stead to visit Thor while he's on Earth, so the Avengers only know about him from what Thor has mentioned in passing. They know he's really smart, but the other descriptions sound... unappealing. Thor says that people cut their faces and bodies in Loki's culture, which leads the Avengers to imagine someone rather mutilated, instead of the delicate scarification that Loki actually has. Red eyes, claws and horns makes him sound like a devil. Thor tells them that Loki is blue and both male and female, which they just can't fathom.
Then Loki shows up one day. It turns out that he's gorgeous. A million bonus points for him wearing skimpy clothes and lots of jewelry.

[Filled] Prompt: Beauty and the Beast au where Loki is Belle and Thor is Gaston and maybe he dub-cons Loki a little up against the wall of one of the village houses.
or Thor is just really insistent that they should marry and Loki refuses but still sort of wants to fuck Thor because hnnnngh and in the end gives in to Thor's proposal out of pure sexual frustration/in a lustful daze. and then, on their wedding night, Thor fucks Loki like he should be fucked, hard and rough and loudly so the whole village whisper about it the next day.

[Filled] Prompt: Established relationship. I want to see Thor being all mesmerized by a sleeping Loki who was thoroughly ravished last night. Thor gets horny and wants some sexy time so he slowly coaxes Loki into lovemaking. I'd love it if Loki is half asleep but lets Thor still penetrate him.
Anon just hopes for a panty-melting porn fic.
 Slow morning sex

[Filled] Prompt: Based on the legend of Sir Gawain and his marriage to Lady Ragnell (http://www.chelseawakefield.com/2009/10/26/gawain-and-the-lady-ragnell/)
To save Asgard and Odin's life, Loki insists that Odin gives him his first born son Thor's hand in marriage. Thor isn't thrilled at the prospect of marrying a Jötunn, whom the Aesir view as monsters. But he goes ahead with the marriage for his father's sake. Only Odin, Thor, Heimdall and Loki know the real reason for the marriage; everyone else is kept in the dark.
Everyone in Asgard is repulsed by Loki's appearance. At first, people pity Thor because of the monster he has to marry, but slowly they start to resent him for keeping the monster in their midst. Still, Thor is determined to maintain his honour as a husband. At some point, though, Loki shows Thor his Aesir form, and he gives Thor a choice: a) to have Loki appear as Jötunn (blue skin, red eyes etc.) in public and Aesir in private for him only; or b) to have Loki appear as a Jötunn in private and an Aesir in public, which would mean an end to the public gossip and back-biting aimed at Thor.

Thor/Loki - Romeo and Cinderella

Romeo and Cinderella by Miku-tan download: [password: Thor/Loki]

English Lyrics:
please don't let our love turn out to be a tragedy like it was for juliet
take me away into your arms
it's all I ask of you

I say goodnight to both my father and my mother
I hope they'll be able to dream of one another
I think it's time for all the grown ups to go to bed

Enchanting Caramel that carries sweet illusions
My crossing legs that bring on sexual confusion
how further will let you go this sinful night?
Screams of pain to "take it easy! Won't you bite me gently?"
Don't you dare forget that I'm not ready quite yet
it's because of my mom that i've been acting sweetly and nice to you

All the things that I don't know how they enchant me so
but isn't that normal or at least now it should go
Show me all your feelings and I'll let you in my heart
Oh, if only you knew this from the start

I feel so in love just like Cinderella
and I will chase after you wearing only my glass shoes
I pray to God for time to come to a halt
before the evil can come leaving us both at fault
Now, I have to escape just like Juliet did
but please don't call me by that name. We aren't the same
It's not okay, please I just want you to stay
because without you here what is there for me to do
so if I cried, would be here always by my side?

I try so hard to look like I'm older than my age
I wear mascara to conceal the fact I'm in rage
I promise you, I'll be a good girl from now on
there's no one here to stop me from the things that I do
I want some love so won't you come please me you fool
how farther will we be able to cross the line
now I know that this is true I fell in love with you
the pain is killing me as I'm screaming my pleas
I think you know by now that my father doesn't seem to like you much
I can see your hands reach out as I begin to pout
and now I see it clear you really love me my dear
take me far away so we can make love romeo
oh, won't you fulfill my fantasies

so I'll just ran away like Cinderella
I'll scream my love for you while leaving you my glass shoe
I pray to God that you'll come searching for me
save me from all my dreams while I run away and flee
well, I'm sure that Cinderella was lying herself
it's not an accident, she left her shoe on purpose
I understand that she and I are the same
Oh, I just want to be loved, so no more playing games
So just look for me and then you'll soon find what you seek

Why don't you just take a look and see what I have hidden in the corners of my heart?
Can you see that it's filled with all of my dirty thoughts and all my needs and my wants?
I want you to fill me up until I burst out forth and give in to my desires
I'm drawn into ecstasy, oh, how I feel so free, please tell what it could be?
But if I lose you I wouldn't know what to do?

My happiness seemed to be stored in a box
I need to find the key so I can open the lock
I'm scared in pain, but I won't cry out in vain
the thought of you hating me, I know it couldn't be
well, my mom and my daddy don't care about me
They aren't different yet they are the same as can be
I'll stop my lies and I'll be true to myself
I'll just stick to the fact. I dropped my golden axe
So if I keep lying too much like Cinderella
I know I'll meet the fate that she alone had to face

I'm really scared and I have no clue what to do
But, I hope I don't end up just like her too
so before that happens won't you come and rescue me?

Japanese Lyrics:
Watashino koi wo higekino Juliet ni shinaide
Kokokara tsuredashite...

Sonna kibun yo

Papa to mama ni oyasuminasai
Seizei ii yumewo minasai
Otona wa mou neru jikan yo

Musekaeru miwakuno caramel
Hajiraino suashiwo karameru
Konya wa doko made ikeruno?

Kamitsukanide, yasasiku shite
Nigaimono wa mada kirainano
Mama no tsukuru okashi bakari tabeta seine

Shiranai kotoga arunonaraba
Shiritaito omou futsuu desho?
Zenbu miseteyo
Anatani naraba misete ageruno watashino...

Zutto koishikute Cinderella
Seifuku dakede kakete ikuwa
Mahouyo jikanwo tometeyo
Warui hitoni jamasarechauwa

Nigeda shitaino Juliet
Demo sono namaede yobanaide
Souyone musubare nakuchane
Soujanaito tanoshikunaiwa

Nee watashito ikite kureru?

Senobiwo shita nagai mascara
Iikoni maruyo kitto asukara
Ima dake watashi wo yurushite

Kuroi lace no kyoukaisen
Mamoru hitowa kyouwa imasen
Koetara dokomade ikeruno?

Kamitsuku hodoni itai hodoni
Sukini nattetano wa watashi desho
Papa wa demone anatano koto kirai mitai

Watashino tameto sashidasu teni
Nigitteru sore wa kubi wa desho
Tsuredashite yo watashino Romeo
Shikarareru hodo tookue

Kanega narihibiku Cinderella
Glas no kutsuwa oite ikuwa
Dakarane hayaku mitsuketene
Warui yumeni jirasare chauwa

Kitto anokomo soudatta
Otoshita nante usowo tsuita
Souyone watashimo onajiyo
Datte motto aisare taiwa

Hora watashi wa kokoni iruyo

Watashino kokoro sotto nozoite mimasenka
Hoshii monodake afurekaette imasenka
Mada betsubarayo motto motto gyutto tsumekonde
Isso anatano ibasho mademo umete shimaouka

Demo soreja ima naino

Oukina hako yori chiisana hakoni shiawase wa arurashii
Doushiyou konomamaja watashi wa
Anatani kiraware chauwa

Demo watashi yori yokubarina papa to mama wa kyoumo kawarazu
Souyone sunaode iinone
Otoshitanowa kin no ono deshita

Uso tsukisugita Cinderella
Ookami ni taberareta rashii
Doushiyou konomamaja watashimo
Itsukawa taberare chauwa

Sono maeni tasukeni kitene

Klaine Theme Song

Get More: Music News

Whoever this guy is, I adore him.